In a TRUE Emergency

Contact the United States Coast Guard Click here for list of phone numbers, or the United States Department of State Click here for list of phone numbers. This will set the wheels of Government in motion. Trust me - it had better be the Zombie Apocalypse or a Death or serious injury in your family.You will have absolutely no privacy when it comes to the content of the message. These people will make a serious effort to find me including sending commercial vessels out of their way, dispatching military aircraft to find Reboot, stuff like that. IT IS A BIG DEAL! Do not do this if you are concerned for my or a crew member's well being.. Contact Bill (phone number below.) He is the most likely to know where I am.

Snail Mail

Usual time to my receiving your mail - several months!

Roger J. Jones
411 Walnut Street #9700
Green Cove Springs, FL 32043-3443


I check my email when I make port. This could be every day or as long as four or five weeks.

My email address is:


My Skype name is "SailboatReboot" Click on the button below to start Skype and chat with me. This will only work if I am in port and connected to the Internet

At Sea

Note that one way or another you are asking volunteers to assist you in getting in contact. They are normally very helpful but such a request is rare. They will usually treat any attempt to contact me as important and will devote extensive time and energy to getting in touch. Please use caution.

Crewing on Reboot

After sailing many thousands of nautical miles just solo sailing is not much fun. I love to have crew on board.

If you are interested in crewing for a few days or several weeks the best way to contact me is via "Find a Crew." I post crewing opportunites on their web site. My member number is 208909. You do not have to pay any money, but you will do better if you sign up for a free membership. The link is

If you have met me locally just call me on my cell phone. I will not call you up and ask you if you want to go sailing. You need to call me and invite yourself. About 99% of the time if the weather is favorable I will say yes. This is particularly true if its noon, your bored at work and are looking for something to do that evening.The number is on my Reboot boat card.