For many years I ran a business consulting practice. Although focused on the management of information technology departments and the technology itself I also did general business consulting.My experiences on Reboot and writing computer programs for marine electronics has given me an intimate knowlege of the electrical and computer protocols for maine networing. When I moved on to Reboot I gave up my consulting practice. However, old habits die hard and I still do some consulting work when the spirit and the challenge moves me.

Technology Management Consulting

I was the Chief Information Officer for serveral large business corporations. I also advised small businesses in health care and manufacturing. My prinicpal role was "turning around" failing organizations. I found the problems and solutions to be remarkably similiar although necessarly adapted to each market.

Marine Electronics Consulting

I have been surprised as how often the marine electronic's "expert" in the ports I have visited provides incorrect or outdated information. Marine electronics have evolved over the years. As a consequence there are no "rules of thumb." Each piece of installed equipment must be assessed on an individual basis to determine its capabilites. Examples of incorrect answers that have been provided to my friends' boats include:

The only way to determine what is going on is to review each component. Sometimes this can bw done from the manuals or the Internet. When things don't work it sometimes requires hooking up a computer and reading the message traffic betweeen the devices. If you are having trouble with your stuff and you want me to take a look give me a call.

General Business Consulting

I have helped several small organizations get their computer systems set up. In particular I have helped with small business accounting, QuickBooks, Web domains, email and web sites. I also am familiar with tools like Google Webmaster tools, feedburner, blogging tools, Facebook integratoin to web sites, and Google analytics. If you need some very low pressure education and training give me a call.